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“Thank you for giving me hope for my future for pole!!”

Heather M.

“I am much more in tune with my body than ever before. I can feel it mentally.”

Sherry M.
“Colleen is one of the most educated people I’ve taken a class from, and not just informed, but genuinely cares about each of her students individually. You cannot go wrong working with her. The program she offers has enough consistency to help progress movements and enough variety to keep it interesting and explore new dimensions of mobility. One thing that stood out to me was the individual emails she sent me because I couldn’t attend the love classes due to work. She would regularly check on me and was be  try timely with her responses. So many people will read a question and only half answer it; Colleen really, truly listens.”
Riley L.

“I’ve loved getting more in touch with my core muscles! Taking your Mobility Matters classes has gotten my in touch with my transverse abs and it’s been a game changer! I can actually feel that meat corset turn on and it’s spilled over into other parts of my life from doing yoga to sitting in my office chair <3”

Krystle R.

“Loved it, thank you! Your cues are just the best!”

Neola Wilby, Author of Strength and Conditioning for Pole and Pole Anatomy

“I love the pace of your chapters and the simplicity of the steps for others. It is a fun way to think of corrective movement—and an accessible way that I truly think can help others.”

Angela Prescott PT, DPT, CMPT, CMTPT, CSCS, Owner/Physical Therapist ACRO Physical Therapy & Fitness

“A book that every pole dancer should read!”

Neola Wilby, Author of Strength and Conditioning for Pole and Pole Anatomy

[Mobility Matters] is slow. Not exciting stuff. … if you want to do exciting stuff you need to take care of the body so sometimes you need to do not exciting stuff so that you can do continue doing the exciting stuff.

Brandon R.

omg!!! I did the hips floor program yesterday and slept without any pain in my leg for the first time in forever! I will be doing this every day!!! Thank you SO much for this awesome program!!!❤️❤️❤️

Donna K.

Mobility Matters is about… releasing the muscle fascia, getting the body back in alignment and recovering the body from all the crazy shit we do to it even when we’re not pole dancing… it has really helped me a lot to pin point what I need to work on and my out of balance points.

Jeni Janover

My whole body feels taken care of. This class is perfect if you know you need some extra TLC to complement your other training but struggle to stick to it. Colleen is consistent, considered and holds the space for you to really take the time your body deserves. Would highly recommend to anybody, and there’s not an aerialist out there who wouldn’t benefit from Mobility Matters! ❤

Seonaidh J.

I love your classes!  I feel like your weekly classes combined with my monthly bodywork/massage appointments, has my body in it’s best “recovery” state it’s ever been in.  Sure, I may still pull something the wrong way (I’m in my 40s, it’s bound to happen!), but I feel like I have more tools now to help me get back on track sooner.  Definitely notice more range of motion in many of the exercises we frequently revisit as well as in my ability to wrap myself around the pole.  I guess, really, that’s the thing – I never quite realize how much my body needed some sort of relief/stretch/alignment until class is over and I feel the positive effects as soon as I walk off the mat.

Carrie G.

I’ve been taking Mobility Matters classes with Colleen for a couple months now. Not only do I love how loose & relaxed I feel afterwards but my body awareness has increased. I’m more mindful of my body’s connections & joints during normal daily activities and especially when I pole. One big bonus factor… my carpal tunnel has completed disappeared because of the wrist exercises Colleen has you do! I was having uncomfortable wrist pain to the point that I was wearing wrist guards every night. Now, no more wrist pain and no more ugly wrist guards! lol

Mel C.

In Colleen’s Mobility Matters class I realized WTF my body was actually doing and WHY I have some of the issues I have had over the years and why I could never progress with pole. After about 2 months of Mobility Matters privates with Colleen I decided to take baby steps to RELEARN Pole from the beginning with PROPER body alignment and shoulder engagement for MY BODY….I’m now starting over and LOOK LOOK at that genuine smile of hope and happiness.

Cassandra W.

I don’t have a movement background. I didn’t grow up playing sports and I’ve spent most of my life behind a desk.

I came to fitness and dance later in life after a debilitating motorcycle accident shattered my right leg. At the time, I was told that I’d never walk “normally” again let alone dance, run, or otherwise move freely again. That was a hefty sentence for a 19-year-old!

Through years of trial and error creating a movement practice first for myself and later for my students, I unlearned, learned, and relearned what it meant to move my body.

On my journey to move better, I found many teachers who were beautiful movers that had no idea how their bodies were moving in space. I found other teachers/coaches that did understand how to explain their movement but struggled to help students with chronic injuries, differently-sized or differently-abled bodies, or basically anyone who didn’t have a basic movement background access the same success as more able-bodied students.

To achieve the results that I wanted, I had to become the coach that I was looking for and understand from a practical (rather than clinical) perspective how to help myself first and then later my own students.

Mobility Matters is the result!


If you’re frustrated in your movement journey (or lack thereof), this book is for you.

If you’re a movement teacher or coach looking to improve your understanding to help your students, this book is also for you.

This book will educate and empower you to move your body better. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to improving your mobility, so this journey will be uniquely yours!

This book is a companion book for your other movement pursuits, whether you’re a pole dancer, a cross-fitter, a yogi, a casual gym goer, or if you want to be any of those things!

In Mobility for Pole you will learn:

• How and why your body is moving (or not moving) the way you expect.
• How to develop a two-way communication with your body.
• How the systems and structures of the body work.
• How to find solutions to address your body’s movement needs.

Finally, we put everything you learned together into movement programs accessible for different ability levels that will help you achieve your movement goals AND make your body feel better!

Paperback Version!

200+ pages of mobility information and movement explorations.

$65 (US — includes shipping!)
or $85 (rest of the world — includes shipping)

Includes ALL mobility programs, a more than $165* VALUE(*original price)!

eBook Version!

Interactive and available for immediate download!

$35 + No shipping!

Includes ALL mobility programs, a more than $165* VALUE(*original price)!

Bundle Both!

Can’t choose? Get them both and save!

$85 (US — includes shipping!)
or $105 (rest of the world — includes shipping)

Includes ALL mobility programs, a more than $165* VALUE(*original price)!


These do-on-your-own-time mobility programs are designed to integrate into your daily life.

All Mobility Programs in this section are INCLUDED in Mobility for Pole Book!

Individual programs have now been deeply discounted because we want you to buy the book.

Mobility Matters: Floor

These program are for people who have a movement practice and have reached a plateau, developed muscle imbalances/compensations, or other chronic aches and pains they can’t explain or move past.

?You must be able to get on and off the floor safely for this program.

Each program has 15 exercises with detailed cueing, why we are doing the movement, what to feel in the movement, and optional progressions. Comes with a pdf and videos for different learning styles.

*Core Stability program only has 7 exercises and is designed for when you are short on time. This program is beyond crunches and looks at the core holistically. No equipment is needed for Core Stability Program.

What tools do I need?

  • A “peanut” or two lacrosse balls taped together. Tennis balls are too soft. Visit and use COLLEENRAD! to get your peanut at a discount.
  • Two yoga blocks.
  • A heavy looped, or loopable resistance band.
  • An open space.
  • Something sturdy that can be pulled against such as a pole, stall bars, or a gym rack. A banister may work in a pinch.

Who is this for? This is for people that sit a lot in their daily life AND who already have a movement hobby, activity, or movement-related side hustle who are looking to add balance to their existing routine to avoid future injury. This may also be for people with chronic muscle imbalances, chronic pain, or for those that have reached a plateau in their progress and are looking for some new ideas. It is not for people with an acute injury or who have not already been cleared by their doctor or medical professional to do this program.

Mobility Matters: Seated

For everyone who sits.

Includes 15 mobility exercises to be done daily including links to videos and detailed directions on how to do each movement, the goal of each movement, why we’re doing the movement, what you should feel during the movement, and other helpful tips, notes, tests, and progression options.

What tools do I need? The only tool you need is a chair! Any chair, with or without wheels, is fine.

Who is this for? This is for people that sit a lot in their daily life.


Purchase a 60 minute on-demand class or
90 minute move specific workshop

60 Minute Class Recordings

Mobility Matters is a follow-along style class that starts and ends with breathing exercises. After breathing, we do some core stability work and then get into either upper body or lower body focused workouts. The following note specific areas that we pay more attention to during the ~60 minute class.

Every class needs 2 blocks and a peanut. Get your peanut here. Use code COLLEENRAD! to save!

Click below to purchase specific classes. Classes are yours to download. ($15 each class)

90 Minute Workshop Recordings

The below are recordings of mobility-informed workshops moving towards a specific goal pose or move. We spend 60-70 minutes working on the floor to prepare our body for hte move and then the last 20-30 minutes attempting it through different options and levels. Some workshops require a pole to try the move.

Each workshop has slightly different needs. Usually blocks and a peanut. Get your peanut here. Use code COLLEENRAD! to save! You may also need a yoga strap, access to a wall, and/or pole stiletto heels depending on the workshop.

Click below to read more about the workshop and to purchase recordings. Workshops are yours to download. ($30 each workshop)


Can’t attend the live class? Sign up below and you’ll receive a recording good for 7 days from the date of the live class!


Check out the posts below to see some of the exercises we focus on during Mobility Matters classes. Follow Colleen on Instagram to see more!

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