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Colleen Jolly is a recognized, award-winning, international marketing and communications guru with 25 years’ experience. Clients range from small/local to large/multi-national corporations in diverse industries.

Marketing and Content Development: fluent in traditional print, web/digital, video, multimedia, social media, event planning and turning complex ideas into user-focused, story-driven marketing.

Training: expert in multi-cultural/multi-national, visual communications speaker/trainer (trained > 3,500 people on 5 continents) writer, and thought leader.

She is an expert in Adobe Creative Suite; Google Suite; MS Office Suite; Web Development including: HTML/CSS/Javascript, and WordPress; Video production and sound editing including voiceovers. On both Mac/PC Platforms.


Colleen is knowledgeable and personable, and she generously shares her knowledge with the proposal community. I’m very much a word person, and it is great to have a reliable source for questions relating to graphics and presentations. In my opinion, Colleen is one of the top people in her field.

Mitch Boretz

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Colleen for almost 10 years. She is an engaging speaker and trainer. Her sense of humor and personality carries the whole room with her. I have enjoyed watching Colleen become recognized as a thought leader in proposal graphics development and a champion of clear communication. She is an asset to any organization she becomes a part of.

Jeannette Waldie

Superb professional talent stands as only the first of many significant assets that Colleen Jolly offers her customers. Her winning and outgoing personality is uplifting during the challenges associated with compressed proposal response schedules. Colleen is highly attentive to the nuances of her customers’ business culture and messaging. She brings a command of her creative craft. From a decade of direct, personal experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with Colleen and [her company] as a customer, if I had three hands, they would all be ‘thumbs up.’

Robert S. Frey

Colleen makes the trains [at her company] run on time, which means that she enables the staff to produce quality results. That is huge for clients and I so appreciate her attention to detail. Above and beyond that, she is an accomplished expert in her own right and the very first person I would go to for advice on document production and management in the proposal environment. As if that were not enough, she is a dynamic and charismatic speaker. I consider myself lucky to be associated with her.

Wendy Frieman

Colleen’s enthusiasm for her subject, in which she is most definitely an expert, is infectious, her knowledge is boundless. Listening to her you know that creativity makes a difference but she explains it in ways that even the most ungifted can see a way of putting together ideas professionally and simply. Her knowledge of her subject, her professionalism and her contribution to the world of proposal management is exemplary. I hope that I get to work with her again.

Pat Thomas

Colleen’s enthusiasm and energy infect all those around her. She is an excellent speaker who always finds an element of fun in any topic. Her entrepreneurial spirit is an asset… Her writing and artistic skills are inspiring. I highly recommend working with her. It’s an experience I always enjoy.

Sandy Pullinger



  • 2017, HubSpot Certified (Inbound Marketing and Social Media)
  • 2010, Certified Proposal Manager, Professional—Highest Level, CPP APMP Fellow
  • 2010, International Trade in Arms Regulation (ITAR) by Export Compliance Training Institute
  • 2006, Pipeline Seminar by Boardroom Bound
  • 2004, Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage
  • 2003, How to be a Great Communicator by Fred Pryor
  • 2003, Georgetown University  • Washington, DC,  B.A. Studio Art (Digital Arts) and English, Minor: CompSci
  • Experienced in video production and sound editing including voiceovers.
  • Mac/PC Platforms.
  • Expert in:
    • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Director, Premiere)
    • Google Suite
    • MS Office Suite
    • HTML/CSS/Javascript, WordPress



Most of my career in the creative field has been providing Art Director level support for bids and proposals as well as branding projects (print and online). As such, I have very few pieces that I have created entirely on my own and many of those contain proprietary content. There are a few in the photos section below.


Senior Consultant, Mach Media (2017-Present): Senior Consultant. European-based, full-service marketing agency. Create internal and external content-based communications plans implemented across print, presentation, online/digital, video, event management and social media including all writing, graphics/video and final production/delivery using strong story-telling skills. Audit and review of analytics to implement metrics-based recommendations and improvements. Clients range from small/local to large/multi-nation-al corporations in diverse industries from chemical manufacturing to private aviation and luxury.

Featured Highlight: created first ever digital magazine for business unit of multi-national corporation including all interviewing, writing, design and implementation.

24 Hour Company (1999–2017), Principal (COO Equiv.) (2004–2017) Graphic design company focused on direct consulting and training in persuasive visuals.

Creative Director/Graphic Design/Marketing Guru: Create and implement branding strategies across print, presentation, online/digital, event management, and social media including all writing, graphics, final production/delivery, coding and review of analytics. Clients range from  small/local to large/multi-national corporations in diverse industries from IT to defense/intel to real estate. Managed teams of 10+ on multiple, simultaneous projects.

Management: Organized and managed all billable project workflow and scheduling. Assessed, organized, disseminated and reviewed all client needs and job specifics with staff. Addressed all client concerns pre- and post-project including estimates and contractual negotiations. Focus on efficiency and regular feedback to staff.

Training: Created and instituted training plan and metrics-based testing for desktop publishing now offered publicly live and webinar-based. Managed all on-the-job training for graphic designers/desktop publishers/editors. Conduct first round interviews and portfolio reviews.

24 Hour Company UK LTD, Managing Director (CEO Equiv.) (2008–2015). UK wholly owned subsidiary of 24 Hour Company. Management: Established legal entity. Managed financials. Managed human resources. Conducted all front line sales and marketing support.

Representative Clients/Industries:

  • Fitness industry: Dream Dance Fitness (website and social media), Liquid Motion (website maintenance, social media, marketing material development), (social media support)
  • Apparel Industry: Contempoleary Dancewear (social media support), Sway (blog writing)
  • Luxury: ExecuJet/Luxaviation (through Mach Media) (blog writing and social media)
  • Manufacturing: Solvay (through Mach Media)
  • Defense: CBAIA (web design); Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Raytheon (through 24 Hour Company) (proposal and presentation support)

Social Media (all organic growth):


Additionally, I was the Layout and Cover Editor of the APMP Journal for 10 years from the Spring/Summer issue of 2003 to the Fall/Winter issue of 2012. During that time I revamped the layout twice and switched the publication to FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks.


Books Published

Book Contributions

Publications: Articles and Blogs



  • 2020. “Volume 20: Women | Presentation: Pole Dancing” Pechakucha Silver Spring
  • 2019. “Communication and Marketing Strategies that Will Grow Your Business” Washington Networking Group (with Cameron Heffernan)
  • 2018. “Viral Proposals? Exploit digital marketing trends to win more bids” NCA APMP Mid-Atlantic Conference.
  • 2018. Ten Fresh Marketing Ideas. MakeOffices (3 office locations in 2018)
  • 2016. Moderator Digital Marketing Panel. Virginia Conference on World Trade. Norfolk, VA
  • 2016. “The Power of Persuasion: Top 10 Ways to Win Using Proposal Persuasion Science.” Bid & Proposal Con Boston (with Mike Parkinson)
  • 2015. “Solutioning in 1 hour!” Bid & Proposal Con Seattle (with Mike Parkinson)
  • 2014. “Solutioning” One day visualization training with Mike Parkinson, Washington, DC.
  • 2014. “Creativity on Demand” APMP UK Conference, Heathrow UK. & 2015. “Creativity on Demand” Bid & Proposal Con Seattle(with Mike Parkinson)
  • 2014. “Finding Your Passion.” Keynote to 800+ people. Bid & Proposal Con, Chicago and again in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 2014. “The Rise of the Info Graphic” with Mike Parkinson, Bid & Proposal Con, Chicago.
  • 2013. “Dragon’s Den” UK APMP Conference, the Cotswalds, UK.
  • 2013. “Make Marketing Matter” with Mike Parkinson, Bid & Proposal Con, Atlanta and at BAE Systems Sales event.
  • 2012-Present. International Best Practice Proposal Graphics and Desktop Publishing Jump Start Program (3 part webinar series). with Winning Words, Melbourne, Australia, then run 2013-current once per quarter.
  • 2012. “The Rise of the InfoGraphic.” UK APMP Conference 2012 and NCA APMP webinar.
  • 2012. “Gaming the Competition: How the Psychology of Casinos can help you win your next bid.” APMP International Conference. Dallas, TX.
  • 2012. “Down and Dirty Graphics and Desktop Publishing” with Mike Parkinson. NCA APMP Conference Fairfax, VA, APMP International Conference Workshop, Dallas, TX and in 2011, at SPAC in Atlanta, GA.
  • 2012. Desktop Publishing for Proposal Professionals Workshop. MedImpact. San Diego, CA.
  • 2012. “Travel Lover’s Anonymous, An International Business Primer” VEDP Annual Meeting, Richmond. VA.
  • 2012. “Lucky Break or Road block?” Keynote Presentation for NCA Boot Camp. Springfield, VA.
  • 2011. “The Emperor’s New Clothes: Graphics that are “Prêt-a-Porter.” APMP International Conference. Denver, CO. and SPAC in Atlanta, GA.
  • 2011. “Top 10 Websites for Low Cost Proposal Graphics” Webinar for NCA APMP and Australia New Zealand APMP Chapters.
  • 2011 “The Importance of Visual Communications” Webinar for APMP India Chapter, May 2011 and live event March 2011 Perth, Australia.
  • 2011. Graphics Workshop. With Shipley Asia Pacific, Sydney, Australia
  • 2010 “The Curious (Business) Case of Desktop Publishing,” NCA APMP 2010, Webinar APMP Nor’Easters Chapter 2011
  • 2010. “Its not Easy Being Green: But it can be for your Proposal Production!” APMP International Conference. Orlando, FL.
  • 2010. “Proposal Wellness: Fact or Fiction?” Webinar for Canadian Maple Leaf Chapter of the APMP.
  • 2010. “Don’t Mess with Proposal Graphics” An Introduction to Visual Communications”All Star Texas Symposium of the APMP. Houston, TX.
  • 2010. “Top 10 Tips for Creating Great Documents” NCA APMP 2009, APMP Intl Conference 2010, UK APMP Conference 2010)
  • 2009. “Munchen Liebt Kunst: An Introduction to Information Design” APMP DACH Chapter. Munich, Germany.
  • 2009-2010. “This Ole Proposal: A DIY Guide to Creating Proposal Graphics” (3 paid engagements US; UK, APMP Chesapeake Chapter, Ireland [via webinar] and South Africa)
  • 2009. “Improving Proposals by Use of Thematic Graphics” University of London, Royal Holloway
  • 2009. “Killer Graphics in 1200 Seconds or Less” Altitude Event, London, UK.
  • 2009. International Business/Defense Panel Discussion. VEDP Event, Tysons Corner, VA.
  • 2009. “Demystifying Frieda Kahlo.” Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.
  • 2009. Desktop Publishing for Proposal Professionals Workshop. ManTech International. Fairfax, VA.
  • 2008. ”How to Visualize Your Solution in 6 Easy Steps” APMP SOCAL Conference.
  • 2008-2009. ”Win or No Win? How to Make Winning Executive Summaries” APMP National Conference, (5 paid engagements in the US and UK)
  • 2008-2011 .“The Clothes that Words Wear: Evolving Communication Technology is Driving Proposal Typography and Formatting” with Mitch Boretz, Univ. of California Riverside and APMP Intl Conference 2008. Reboot Webinar for APMP Pacific NW, February 2011.
  • 2007-2010. “Proposal Pictionary!” (17 engagements in multiple venues including the Netherlands, South Africa, UK, Savannah, Southern California, Houston, Phoenix and DC metro area)
  • 2006. “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…In Any Language! A Visual Primer to Bidding Across Borders” APMP UK Conference.
  • 2006. “How to Design Winning Proposals: A Hands on Introduction to Creating Proposal Graphics and Covers” APMP Intl Conference, May 2006 and SPAC Conference Oct. 2006.
  • 2004-2014. One tour per month on changing exhibitions and permanent collection at Corcoran Gallery of Art (part of docent program).


  • 2012. Company listed on Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies. (third time)
  • 2012. Insight Award, Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). Award recognizes the author of the best article published in the APMP Journal. “Case Study: An American (a)Broad: The story of one small business expanding internationally”
  • 2012. Company recognized for Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) International Corporate Philanthropy Day.
  • 2011. Company listed on Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies. (second time)
  • 2011. Formally recognized by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia for “her vast achievements, leadership in the community, and character and dedication as a Woman in Business in the Commonwealth of Virginia”
  • 2010. Fellows Award, APMP. The APMP Fellows Award recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to our profession. Youngest person to receive award
  • March 2011. Featured in Virginia Business Magazine.
  • May 2010. Featured in Northern Virginia Magazine’s “Top 10 (Entrepreneurs) Under 30, Making their Mark.”
  • 2010. Interviewed for radio shows: Heart FM in Kent, UK in 2009; Amtower Off Center for Federal News Radio, Washington, DC. Listen to it here!
  • 2009-2010. Recipient British Airways “Business Opportunity” Grant for International Entrepreneurs
  • 2009. Finalist for Stevie American Business Creative Professional of the Year Award.
  • 2009. Receipt of Strategic Proposals Partnership Award.
  • 2009. Listed on the Biltmore Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals.
  • 2009. Listed on the Cambridge Who’s Who of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.
  • 2008. Shortlisted for (UK) CBS Outdoor, Next Great Underground Writer/London Tube Card Competition, entry displayed at La Galleria Art Gallery Piccadilly Circus, London.
  • 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Quote published in Women’s Advantage Calendar.
  • 2007. Company listed on Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies. (first time)
  • 2006. “Shithead of the Year 2006” Proposal Industry Peer Award.
  • 2006. APMP Partnership Award, APMP.
  • 2003. Misty Dailey Award for the Arts (honorable mention), Georgetown University.



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